synk (2015)

To get close to be pushed away.
To get lost to get there.
To close your eyes to see.
To hold on to your chair with your hands
so the mind can break free and escape.

“synk” is a performance about the feeling of home;
In a place, with people, in oneself.

Choreography: Mariko Miyata Jancey
Developed and performed by: Thea Ericson Aarnes, Stine Lise Birkedal Dombeck, Linn Elisabeth Olaussen, Frida Reklev, Oda Karin Ytreøy & Atle Alund Pedersen
Costume and scenography: Mariko Miyata Jancey & Roza Moshtaghi
Composer: Hans Uhre
Photo: Jah Langleite

Duration: ca. 50 min

Premiered 30th October 2015
Scenehuset, Oslo