Attempts at being (together) (2021)

On a white stage, between plants and furniture in bright colors, five dancers are meditiating. They’ve been told to be on stage as themselves. But what does this mean, to be oneself? And who am I, the choreographer, to ask them to be themselves on stage?

Attempts at being (together) is an attempt at being – in a process and in the end in a performance, as performers and as choreographer, together with each other and together with the audience. But when are we really together? In which ways can we be together in an artistic process where one person has initiated and is leading the project? And can we really experience being together in a staged setting like a performance? But again, in what settings do we not perform?

What does it mean to be oneself?

Choreography and text: Mariko Miyata-Jancey
Developed and performed by: Sarah Louise Fischer Luckow, Oliver Paulsson, Andrea Sørlie Barrett, Ina Bråstein, Morten Helland Stenersen
Costume and scenography: Ida-Marie Højris
Music: Marte Røyeng
Light: Tobias Leira
Photo: Oliver Paulsson

Special thanks to:
Adrian, Are Engebretsen, Henriette Pedersen, Per Roar

Excerpts of text from:
Daring Greatly, Brené Brown
Episode “The Mind v the Brain” from “The Infinite Monkey Cage”

Premiered 19th of March, 2021